Chair Yoga for Men Over 50

Transform your body in just 28 days with “Chair Yoga for Men Over 50.” This comprehensive guide is designed specifically for men who want to regain their vitality and improve their overall health without the need for intense workouts. With easy-to-follow, illustrated exercises, you’ll be able to enhance your mobility, boost heart health, and shed unwanted pounds, all in just 10 minutes a day. Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to complement your existing fitne... [Read More...]

Boost Your Bullsh*t Resilience At Work

Are you fed up with the daily grind at your workplace? Do you wish there was a way to navigate the ups and downs of office politics with ease and even have fun at work? Let this book help you with that! In “Boost Your Bullsh*t Resilience At Work,” renowned author Chris Reavis presents 13 proven practices to help you not only survive but thrive in the often chaotic world of work. Drawing on the latest evidence-based research and science-backed strategies, Reavis combines practical ad... [Read More...]

How to Build Sales Confidence: Transforming Mindset, Well-being and Performance for Sales Success

Discover ‘How to Build Sales Confidence,’ your roadmap to success in sales. Explore mindset, well-being, & performance the pillars of confidence. Gain practical tools, insights from the author’s journey, & master the visual-emotional aspects of confidence. Transform your sales game! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

One Destiny Two Hearts: Soul Partners Reunite To Fulfill Their Pre-Life Promise

Explore a profound spiritual journey in ‘One Destiny Two Hearts.’ A true tale of self-discovery and transformation, this book intertwines Faith and Ken’s lives as they uncover pre-life promises and prepare for an extraordinary trip to India under the guidance of a Master Yogi. This first installment of the ‘Let Destiny Find You’ series blends personal reflections, humor, and spiritual insights, including a complimentary journal to inspire your own path. $0.99 on Ki... [Read More...]

The Business of Dining: A Guide to Making a Five-Star Impression

Embrace the art of dining, leave a lasting impression, and create a memory. Some takeaways: Understand the pivotal role of FOH staff and how their expertise shapes your dining experience Decode food and wine pronunciations, menu descriptions, and enhance your culinary vocabulary Illustrated guides reveal the art of table arrangement, proper utensil use, and stemware selection Delve into in-depth tips on hosting memorable gatherings, from seating arrangements to gracious conversation. $0.99 on K... [Read More...]

Critical Thinking & Logic Mastery – 3 Books In 1: How To Make Smarter Decisions, Conquer Logical Fallacies And Sharpen Your Thinking

What skills do you need to succeed today? How can you make better choices? In today’s fast world, it’s important to have certain skills for success. With so much fake news and information everywhere, critical thinking and logic are crucial. They help understand why things are how they are and come up with ways to make things better. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Lofi Revolution: Unwinding to the Sound of Now

Discover the Rhythms of Serenity: Dive Into the Heart of the Lofi Movement In the bustling rhythm of modern life, there exists a sound, a movement, quietly revolutionizing the way we unwind, study, and connect. The Lofi Revolution: Unwinding to the Sound of Now offers an immersive journey into the heart of this cultural phenomenon, weaving through the textured beats and chilled vibes that define the lofi genre. This book is an invitation to explore the layers of lofi, from its underground roots... [Read More...]

The Art Of Constructing A Second Brain

Drowning in an endless sea of information, digital clutter, and brilliant ideas scribbled on scattered sticky notes? We spend hours fruitlessly hunting for that piece of information, all while watching insights slip through the cracks. What if there was a simple solution to tame the chaos? A system for an “external brain” customized to your needs. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Ageless Skin: A guide to treating your skin from nought to ninety

Aging is inevitable, but looking old isn’t! If acne, rosacea, or other skin issues lower your confidence, this book is for you. Beauty expert Kathleen Birch shares over fifty years of wisdom to help you achieve youthful skin. Discover healthy habits, tips to eliminate wrinkles, a natural facelift routine, and money-saving strategies. Look young and healthy at any age with her tried-and-true secrets! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Blacklist: The world needs to know what happened to my dad

His feet oozed with blood as he walked for miles looking daily for jobs. Earl Meanor was a hardworking man at an atomic power lab. However, a few cruel men did not like because he did not fall in with the other guys. They were determined to destroy his life. As a result, he was blacklisted, may have had an invention stolen from him and was put into a terrible spot while raising two boys and supporting his wife. That man was my dad, and you need to read this book. It tells the story that needs t... [Read More...]