Avenging Angels: Guns of Legion

SADDLE UP FOR THE NINTH BOOK OF THE HEART-POUNDING, BULLET-BURNING, BIBLE-THUMPING WESTERN SERIES! There’s a monster in Lone Jack, Wyoming, and when Reno Bass and his twin sister, Sara, arrive to collect the bounty on the beast’s head, all hell breaks loose. When the smoke from the twins’ ’58 Remington cap and ball revolvers clear, a dying tattooed man threatens them with the guns of Legion. Taken prisoner at Chronicle Rock by a giant named Elisha and the mysterious Charlie Bratt, King ... [Read More...]

Free: The Secret Heir

Years before, David was anointed future king of Israel. Now if the sitting king learns of his secret, it will mean death for David and everyone in his family. His secret destiny becomes more complicated when he falls in love with King Saul’s daughter, Michal. He will do whatever it takes to secure her heart, provided she doesn’t find out that he is the rumored rival to her father’s throne. Free on Kindle ... [Read More...]

Rancho Diablo Western Series Omnibus

SUDDEN DEATH, HELLFIRE AND GUNSMOKE… West Texas Army Scout Sam Blaylock rode into the small town of Shooter’s Cross looking for deserters, not trouble. Now Sam is putting down roots with his wife and daughter, and no amount of evil can stand in the way. Secure in their out-of-the-way stronghold, the proprietors of the criminal enterprises never planned on a man like Sam Blaylock—a man who would face the Devil himself to balance the scales. Sam never backed down from a bad situation. R... [Read More...]

Trouble at Every Turn (A Slim Calhoun, Bull Morrison Western Book 3)

United States Marshal Bull Morrison and his deputy, Slim Calhoun, are sent to investigate and stop a threat to the new United States Mint in Carson City, Nevada. The alleged threat includes blowing up the mint and both men believe the real threat is an attempt to steal the first delivery of gold and silver coins. The marshals are hindered in their investigation by a detail of federal treasury agents from the Washington, D.C. area, sent as protection as the mint is built. They bring with them al... [Read More...]

American Brush-Off

Labeled a “dangerous enemy alien” in his hometown, Lud Mueller learns how government agents are out to tear apart his senior year in high school. It’s 1942, and the clouds of fear have gathered into the storms of bigotry throughout the United States. Innuendo has replaced due process. Returning from a summer camp job, Lud discovers the F.B.I. has legally kidnapped his parents. Intellect, rather than his considerable athletic prowess, is necessary to help him survive the Crystal City, Texa... [Read More...]

Free: Phoenix: By The Sword

18-year-old Germanic princess, Cassius, witnessed the destruction of her village by the Romans. Now, she is being made to serve a Roman Senator as his slave. During the Battle of Teutoburg Forest in nine A.D., Cassius is forcefully abducted again but this time by an unknown soldier, named Sgt. Banks. Banks tells her that she is the key to his mission, which is to stop the death of millions. And even though Banks has the build and abilities of a Roman soldier, he is not a centurion. In fact, he ... [Read More...]

Out of the Rabbit Hutch

This is a story of freedom, risk, and unspoken truths; a time before and after the American Civil War and the eradication of the Aboriginal people in Van Diemen’s Land (today’s Tasmania). Populated by socialites, opium users, slave hunters, and war heroes, the novel chronicles the remarkable tale of a Civil War veteran, unable to speak and still seemingly broken from the war, he is released from a mental asylum and begins his journey. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]