Free: Foods That Can Help With Diabetes (what they can do for me)

This book is about helping you to manage your diabetes. Each year the number of people diagnosed with having diabetes keep going up. Doctors keep prescribing medicine that may control the symptoms but damage other organs in your body. If your like me then you don’t like having to take medications every day. So i put this book together for you. I will give you alternative medicines (food) that can help manage your diabetes. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Inside is Outside: How stomach acid plays an essential role in Leaky Gut and why the Gastro-Test® is the missing link in diagnosing and treating the root causes of a host of symptoms.

For over three decades, Dr. Tim McCullough has helped thousands of patients find their way back to health by diagnosing and treating the most common root cause of symptoms: Leaky Gut. Written for patients and doctors from any background, Inside Is Outside offers an approachable guide to how the breakdown of the digestive system is often the key driver of chronic illness, why stomach acid plays an essential role in gut health, and how to heal and repair Leaky Gut. Much like our skin protects us ... [Read More...]

Free: No Nursing Home for Me!: Strategies to Manage Pain, Improve Functional Mobility and Keep You Living Independently

Adults who are looking for ways to reduce pain and swelling will find answers in this book. Physical therapy exercises help build strength and improve function so people can live a full, comfortable life. These strategies can reduce the need to access the healthcare system and keep people living independently. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


MACRO DIET COOKBOOK is for anyone who struggles to balance his or her meals. Whether you’re a nutrition novice, someone without the macro-know-how or it can seem like a lot of math, the methods described in this book will help you get and stay in shape without ever feeling starved, deprived, or like you’re “on a diet.” $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Fitter Faster: The Smart Way to Get in Shape in Just Minutes a Day

A lifetime of fitness in just minutes a day. I don’t have time . . . I’m too tired . . . I hate gyms . . . These are among the most common excuses for not exercising. But the truth is that getting in shape requires less time and effort than you might think. Examining everything from pre-workout stretches to post-workout protein shakes, this science-backed book slices through fitness fads and misconceptions to reveal how you can exercise quickly and effectively. For example, is it be... [Read More...]

Free: Eat to Focus: The Not-so-Obvious Natural ADHD Treatment Protocol to Reduce Hyperactivity & Impulsivity, and Better Focus and Memory Without Drug Side Effects

Are You Looking for Natural ADHD Treatment to Help your Child So You Can Avoid The Dangerous ADHD Medications? If so, this book is for you. Understanding is Power! Why is every doctor so quick to start ADHD medication, which has more severe side effects than blood pressure medications? Standard treatments for ADHD in children include ADHD medications, behavior therapy, counseling, and education services. Studies showed that only one in four kids with ADHD, who are on medication ALSO get psychot... [Read More...]

The Complete Plant Based Diet Cookbook For Beginners: 650 Easy, Quick & Simple Plant Based Vegan Diet Recipes With A 31 Day Meal Plan To Lose Weight And Live A Healthy Life

Discover how to revitalize your health, lose unwanted pounds, and boost your happiness without following a stressful diet Do you want to remedy your ailments, boost your immune system, and feel more energized throughout your days? Are you looking for ways to lose those excess pounds that make you feel like you want to crawl out of your own skin? And maybe, you’ve thought of doing it the natural way? If you’ve been led to believe that the answer to health lies in drug prescriptions and new-a... [Read More...]

Free: The Neo Diet: Find Your Superhuman Health By Eating The “Wrong” Foods

  Chances are that your diet will kill you. At least that’s what research is suggesting. In the past few years, several studies have linked our food choices to most chronic diseases, and to the increase of overall mortality risk. But even if we ignore all that, it’s important to know that your diet is not letting you achieve the best version of yourself. Do you suffer from indigestion, abdominal pain, weight gain, brain fog, headaches, joint pain, frequent colds, allergies, lac... [Read More...]

Fundamental Strength Training After 50

As you age, your lean muscle mass starts to decrease. Over time, this can lead to weakness, decreased physical capacity, and the inevitable struggle to complete activities of daily living as you age further into your 60s and beyond. A loss of muscle mass can eventually lead to a lack of strength, stability, and balance that results in an increased risk of falls, associated injuries and further physical deterioration. But you can do something about it. It is proven that basic weight training aft... [Read More...]

Free: The Resilient Nurse Book : A nurse’s guide to building inner strength when helping others is hurting you

How can you truly care for others when you don’t first care for yourself? As nurses, we all experience circumstances that are beyond our control. We feel overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious. But with holistic and comprehensive resilience tools, we can find ways to overcome adversity and maintain a sustainable, healthy balance. Using a framework inspired by George Everly Jr., Dr. Douglas Strouse, and Dr. Dennis K. McCormack, The Resilient Nurse Project employs six pillars of resilience in coach... [Read More...]