Badfreaky – The Meanest Witch

Marily is a four-year-old little girl who lives with her parents in the Bright Forest. However, her life will change entirely when she accidentally falls into a cauldron boiling with the worst magic potion that exists. A few minutes later, she transforms into the meanest witch in all the world and stars! Marily disappears once and for all. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Would You Rather Kids Series: Big Collection of 1200+ Creative Scenarios & Thought Provoking Questions for Kids and Family (6 in 1)

Entertain Your Kids with 1200+ ‘Would You Rather’ Questions without Inventing Them Yourself! What if you plan a long road trip with your kids and need something to keep them entertained along the way? Imagine having a family game night, where everybody laughs out loud and has a good time. That is what you can make happen from this great collection of ‘would you rather’ questions. Everybody will laugh like crazy while trying to explain their choices. It is so crucial for parents to spend... [Read More...]

Free: The Adventures of Bentley Hippo: Inspiring Children to be Kind

What happens when the bully becomes the victim? Bentley and his friends must decide whether to help the bully or keep on walking by. Addressing a sensitive topic about bullying, peer pressure, and true friendship in the second of the 5 book Inspiring Children series. The most adorable hippo is back teaching another valuable lesson. ... [Read More...]

Free: Dear Dr Cornflake: For Loonies 8-118

Dr. Cornflake replies to his patient’s letters in his own unique and inimitable style. A nutty book that makes perfect reading for those with a zany sense of humor. Ideal for teenage boys and anyone whose fun faculty needs a jolt. There are dozens of letters to peruse and to be amazed with, and if you can get beyond a few pages without going into hysterics of laughter, then you really are a deadpan character. ... [Read More...]

Free: Isanora Snores

Exiled because of her dangerously loud snoring, Isasnora realizes that living in the forest has its advantages, such as talking animals and flying dragons. When an evil ruler declares war on her former kingdom, Isasnora wants to go into battle for her country. A tale of friendship, acceptance, and unusual solutions for life’s complicated problems. ... [Read More...]

Free: Papa Can Fix It

The wonder of the holiday season is magically illustrated on every page of this heartwarming Christmas story. Emma and her friends enjoy the celebration of family Christmas traditions during a day with her Nana and Papa. They share a sleigh ride together in the soft and powdery snow, bake sugar cookies, and even build a beautiful gingerbread house. Enjoy this timeless story with your little one today. Purchase the paperback for a Christmas stocking and enjoy for years to come. ... [Read More...]

The Untimely Journey of Veronica T. Boone

A time-travel, historical fiction adventure for all ages! When her school is attacked by time-traveling Pug-Nasties, 12-year-old Molly fights back. Aided by the mysterious Veronica T. Boone, she jumps through time herself to stop the Nasties where they began, in Chicago in 1893. But the Nasties and their evil mistress give chase, and now Molly and Veronica are on the run – decades before they were born! With adventure, friendship, dramatic chases, exotic travel, tornadoes, Presidents of the U... [Read More...]

Free: 49 Excuses for Getting the Most Out of Christmas

Would you like to eat chocolate for breakfast on Christmas Day morning? Do your parents enforce the ‘no presents before 7am’ rule? Struggling to find new ways to hide your brussels sprouts? Then here’s 49 (extremely silly) excuses for getting the most out of Christmas! Join the comical adventure of these festive kids who will try absolutely anything to open their presents earlier, eat their body weight in chocolate and get out of the dreaded Christmas Day walk. With an illustratio... [Read More...]