Walter The Woogobee: The Vortex To Vidza

An otherworldly adventure awaits us all! Join Walter in this amazing journey as he space travels through a Vortex to strange new worlds where Elephants Fly and the Wind Speaks. The local village is being destroyed. Walter and his new friends set out to save the village and find unusual animals, a valley full of gold and of course monsters. Will they be able to save the village? Will Walter find his way home? This fun filled fully illustrated story is about developing friendships, building chara... [Read More...]

They Walked Where!?:Rick and Jane’s Big Adventure

Have you ever dreamed of taking a big adventure? Maybe you’d like to take a long trip to a faraway place or even ride in a hot air balloon. Almost everyone wants to go on adventures. They can be fun, exciting, and a great way to meet new people. Rick and Jane went on a giant adventure. One so big that you may have a hard time believing it. But it’s true. Rick and Jane walked all the way across America! As you read this book, you’ll be able to walk right along with Rick and Jan... [Read More...]

The Adventures of Snow The Siamese Cat Book #1: Into The Unknown

Snow is not your ordinary house pet. Snow is a blue-eyed Siamese cat with a short tail and a spirit for adventure. He is a curious and fearless cat. He dreams of exploring the great unknown that lies beyond our planet Earth. One day Snow sets out to embark on an out out of this world adventure. With determination and courage, he encounters many challenges and makes a few friendships along the way. What’s out there into the great unknown anyways!? $1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Playful Pencils Math & English Preschool Kids Activity Book

Ignite Your Child’s Love for Learning! Dive into the Playful Pencils Math and English Activity Book a dynamic blend of fun and education. Packed with engaging puzzles, tracing, coloring, and more, it’s the perfect preschool companion. Grab a copy now for a head start on a lifetime of learning adventures! Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Inspiring Stories for Amazing Boys

Being a boy is the best! There are so many things they can do to make life fun and interesting. Take the little boys in these stories, for example. This book contains a collection of stories about little boys who go on adventures and learn important lessons along the way. These are real-life stories about young lads like you who discovered how truly awesome they are thanks to their family, friends, and their willingness to explore the world around them. Join them and discover how truly cool it ... [Read More...]

Amo & Akka’s World Adventures: Book One

“Amo & Akka’s World Adventures” is a children’s book about two siblings, Amo and Akka, who go on an exciting trip around the world. This book takes young readers on a magical journey, filled with adventures and bedtime stories that introduce them to different cultures and places. The story takes them from the lovely streets of France to Italy’s delicious pizza, Spain’s fun attractions, Great Britain’s energy, Mexico’s bright colors, Egypt̵... [Read More...]

Free: Victor Returns Home

Hello, friends! Im Victor: a robot vacuum in great shape! Let me tell you why I decided to escape. I was born in a factory, two years ago, and ever since then, I was moved to and fro. I was packed in a box, moved, and took a fall, not even knowing where I was headed at all. When we arrived, I tried to explore and learned I was in Palo Alto, in the store. On the shelf in the shop, I felt safe and sound: Finally, nothing could shake me around! Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Pray! What Do I Say? A 21 Day Devotional for Kids

Has a child ever asked you how to pray or what to pray about? Pray! What Do I Say? helps answer those questions. If you are talking to God, you are praying, and praying is one of the most important things we can do. The Bible tells us God hears our prayers and responds to our needs. There are many parts to prayer, but most importantly, we want our children to understand that their prayers are unique to them. Prayer is simply a conversation with our Heavenly Father. Pray! What Do I Say? looks at... [Read More...]