Free: INNOVATION FROM THE GROUND UP: Using IncubatorU’s 5-Step Methodology to Transform Your Organization

INNOVATION FROM THE GROUND UP: Using IncubatorU's 5-Step Methodology to Transform Your Organization
Have you ever had a dream, project or idea that was stalled because of barriers too difficult to overcome?

What if we showed you a simple 5-Step Methodology that not only helps you overcome those barriers but also deliver something better than you could ever imagine? And how does the idea of increased team effort and engagement sound to you?

Discovering an idea is the easy part. The ultimate challenge is bringing that idea into reality, which involves teams, resources, and most importantly, momentum. Many companies and organizations have amazing ideas. Often, those get stalled at the ideation phase.

There once was a small town and school in Oregon with a dream that began afresh with an eighth-grader who asked her parents, “Why can’t we just have a real track?” As it happened, the community and school had been talking about creating an athletic complex for over 25 years, without even approaching to the starting line.

Michael Bergmann and IncubatorU™ showed up to help the town realize their vision and embrace this young girl’s dream. They built a framework using IncubatorU’s 5-Step Methodology, bringing in community members, construction companies, track surfacers, other schools, nonprofits and even the Oregon National Guard, who believed in this story.

IncubatorU’s methodology simplified each step, breaking it down into small, digestible elements and continued to enable forward progress. The

outcome was the transformation of an underused space overlooking the Deschutes River into a world-class athletic and event venue. The dream was successfully brought into reality.

If you have an idea or project that you feel is ready to transform, but you lack the capability to bring that dream into reality, then jump in and check out the IncubatorU 5-Step Methodology to make it happen.
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