Late Life

Late Life

Cooper Madison Series Book #3

Cleveland, Ohio. 2007.

Cooper Madison, now fully recovered from Tommy John surgery, has rediscovered his passion for baseball and is once again regarded as the best pitcher in the game. His fastball has developed what experts refer to as having “late life”, making him more dominant against opposing hitters than at any point in his career.

Coop’s love for girlfriend Cara Knox has never been stronger, but an unexpected tragedy threatens to rip them apart just as his baseball career is getting back on track. Torn between accomplishing his goals on the mound and being there for Cara, Coop soon realizes that every decision in life has consequences, especially when choosing between the two things he loves most.

Perhaps nobody can relate more to Coop’s dilemma more than Cara’s oldest brother, Detective Jason Knox. In the wake of making national headlines as the cop who helped solve the Edgewater Park Killer case, the veteran detective is forced to make a choice of his own when a grizzly discovery halfway across the country jeopardizes to reveal that the EPK saga is anything but solved. $9.99 on Kindle.
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