We the Depraved

We the Depraved
I plan to control all of Texas.

From the outside looking in, I’m just another billionaire searching for more power.
The truth is, behind all the money, and mystique, at my core I’m Russian Bratva. I was born into that darkness and molded to take what’s mine.

Sage Porter is a broken thing, twisted by a horrible childhood. She’s meaner than a rattlesnake when pushed and just as sultry as any desert rose. Her presence is commanding. Magnetic. She was supposed to be mine.

Her father, the garbage that he was, promised her to me when she was young and then took back his offer. She has no idea of the power that his death has imbued her with. I endeavor to have it all.

I aim to have her power and I aim to have her, down on her knees, debauched and immoral just like me.

Together, we are depraved. $3.99 on Kindle.
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