The Men About My Town

The men about my town

When his demons caught up with him, when his secret was to be uncovered, when his life wasn’t worth leaving, and his sin, his desires, and his will to fight clouded his mind, Thom, a 25-year-old gay Romanian flees his country. To pursue his dreams, he moves to London accompanied by his friend Carmen. Little did he know that the future wasn’t what he expected it to be. The men about my town is a book about sex, self-worth, love, growth, online dating, the life of an immigrant, the fight for freedom, happiness, and more. In his pursuits, Thomas pushes himself further away from those around him, his sexuality remaining his biggest secret. Developing a second persona, he juggles his dual life as best he can but ends up risking more than he ever wanted. $6.99 on Kindle.

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