Free: Exposed Butt – The Naughty Neighbor Gets More than a Glimpse

Exposed Butt - The Naughty Neighbour Gets More than a Glimpse
Spit-roasted on my cottage sofa between my husband and the new neighbor.

How did I get from roleplaying to flirting with another man? From being a faithful wife to thinking about sucking a stranger’s cock or even fucking him…all of this with my husband’s blessing?

I’ve been gardening at our cottage for years, wearing only a light summer dress over my naked body. After all, the nearby house has been empty for so long, I’ve got accustomed to being alone here.

A new flirty neighbor and a husband willing to expose me do the rest.

And now that I’ve been filled at both ends, I don’t’ think I can’t stop myself anymore. Free on Kindle.

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