Chaos Drive

Chaos Drive

Worst. Honeymoon. Ever.

Charlotte has just been married. She was expecting some sand, some sea, and perhaps an occasional tricky decision about which cocktail to have next.
So why is she in a crazy parallel universe, trying to fight off an evil and unlikely race of deranged frogs?

Matt has just been married, too. His problems have less to do with frogs, and more to do with the strange and incredibly strong version of Charlotte who seems to have taken the place of his wife.

Both of them just want to get back to their own reality. But when the Universe itself starts trying to expel the deranged knot of confusion which their lives have become, Matt and Charlotte find themselves on the run not just from bloodthirsty frogs, but from reality itself. Why has this happened? What does it have to do with the strangely feline personality who has gone missing? And what the hell is the mysterious Chaos Drive, anyway? $0.99 on Kindle.

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