The Gutenberg Heist

The Gutenberg Heist
Q.A. Caine is a book dealer. Q.A. Caine is a book lover. Q.A. Caine was a con artist.

Twenty years ago he went to prison. When he got out he decided he didn’t want to go back, so he opened a book shop, made a million dollars and stayed on the straight and narrow. There is just one thing that could convince him to close up shop and open a new con game: a Gutenberg Bible, worth forty million dollars.

When Caine gets a phone call informing him that the book he’s coveted for 40 years has recently been purchased by millionaire robber baron, Clark Ashton, he gets the old gang back together. If an arthritic pickpocket, a flim-flamming fortune teller, a snooty art dealer, a retired forger and an eighty-year-old book expert who’s got a score to settle with Caine can be called a gang. And if that’s not bad enough the team hasn’t worked together in a quarter of a century. They’ve gotten used to the aches of old age, but not the pains of the modern world. And when computers, cell phones, blackmailers, kidnappers, traffic accidents, a hurricane named Wilbur and a shotgun wedding get in their way, Caine’s almost ready to give up and go home.

And maybe that’s the smartest thing he could do, because Clark Ashton isn’t just a millionaire, he’s also a murderer, and if he finds out what Caine and his team are trying to do he won’t hesitate to kill again. $0.99 on Kindle.

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