Book of spells

Book of spells
Have you ever wondered why things happen the way they do? Life can be full of joy or problems, but do we understand and are fully aware of the mysteries of life? Life is filled with magic. If you become conscious of this magic you will come to recognize more about everything that exists around you.

Spells are used for creating both the death and birth of forms. Your reality is shaped by the spells that formulate the energy that sustains you, and the forms that you want. Some people are aware of it, some people are not. When you understand these spells, you will find more empowerment in your life.

In this first Book of Spells, an introduction is provided to basic understanding of spells. The second book in the series will present a more detailed understanding of the subject.

Are you prepared to tap into your potential? If so, this book has fallen upon you. $0.99 on Kindle

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