Amelia’s Deception

Amelia Abbott may be a baron’s daughter, but rich she is not. Her father’s unscrupulous business practices will soon have him going to prison leaving Amelia on the street and her family destitute. A marriage is her only hope to survive. But with her family shunned by London society, her choices are limited. Accepting a proposal from a second cousin, she is secured to start her new life until a merciless man she met at a friend’s house makes a scandalous offer.

Early 19th century Scotland was a hard life for an Irishman. Growing up on the streets and engaging in petty crimes earned Andrew Baird his stripes in the small gangs that ruled his neighborhood. As his size and territories increase, he eventually organizes his gang and creates his own criminal empire earning him the infamous name of Black Baird. A known blackguard with impeccable manners and ruthless business practices. Owning many gambling clubs throughout Scotland and England, his business takes him to collect money from a young lord’s home where he meets an innocent young girl that intrigues him like no other. Free on Kindle.

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