Hometown Hero

Hometown Hero
She’s writing books her mama wouldn’t be proud of. He won’t risk his heart. But when matters of faith have them at odds, will love triumph?

Madison agrees to a last-minute writers’ retreat. But with her anxiety at an all-time high, she seeks out quiet the only place she’s sure to find it, the stables at the Dawson Creek Dude Ranch. While grateful for the solace, she can’t afford to rekindle her past with the sweet, handsome cowboy who keeps meeting her there. They are opposites in every way and she’s a fish out of water in his world.

Cowboy Randal has to think about his future and his own ranch. His goals don’t include getting attached to an author, especially a feisty one who challenges him. And though he begins to hope for more, their instalove can’t last.

As their week together draws to a close, can Madison and Randal find their common ground and risk a love for the ages? $0.99 on Kindle.

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