Catastrophica: Departure of the Lords

Catastrophica… The world before the Great Flood, a time of great civilizations that are now vanished. Who did build the pyramids of ancient Egypt? Who were the ancient gods? Did the Annunaki really live among us? What really happened to Atlantis? Who was the fair-skinned, red-headed god of Aztec lore? There was a time at the end of the last great ice age when the gods roamed the earth and soared through the sky. A time when Atlantis thrived as one of the pre-eminent civilizations of the anted... [Read More...]

Showdown at Jupiter’s Edge: A Maxo Magnaveer Adventure

Sometimes the greatest fight is to discover ourselves… In the year 2247, Detectant Maxo Magnaveer yearns for an opportunity to prove himself in the Cosmic Law Force so he can be promoted to squad captain. When a greedy privateer, Colonel Zaza D’Rump, brazenly hijacks a shipment of synthetic foods on its way to Mars with plans to starve the colony to death unless he is given control of Earth’s shipping lanes, Maxo sees his opportunity to rise above, save the day, and finally mo... [Read More...]


An encrypted message from outer space spurs scientists to unravel its contents. Instructions from the Message are given to build a massive Dome and allow specially designed robots to build a fusion reactor. Seven years later, no signs of a reactor but… strange things are happening inside the Dome. A scientific team enters the Dome and find themselves trapped in an environment designed for aliens. A First Contact story in which the aliens don’t invade using a spaceship. A clash betwe... [Read More...]

The Braintrust Complete Series Omnibus

Does real life emulate fiction? Or does fiction emulate real life? All five books in the BrainTrust series included in one action-packed boxed set! All five books examine topics ripped from today’s headlines: Pandemic, Global Economic Meltdown, Mass Wealth Seizure, Deportation. How closely will the world follow the BrainTrust script? You Decide!? If you like Robert Heinlein, Michael Crichton, Charles Stross, or Ayn Rand, buy your ticket and come aboard. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Unexpected Contact

Even the best laid plans of mechs and men can go astray… As a mercenary during The Mechanai War, there was no shortage of work, but Sigrid had rules. That she ignored her rules as often as followed them wasn’t something that bothered her. A last-minute job protecting attaché mech, TH3R, and his companion, junior officer, Tala Matapang was a tempting payday. Their mission: detect and capture a SPDR mech alive. The Imperium’s infiltration and assassination mechs were difficult to find. The... [Read More...]

Masters of the Broken Watches

An action-adventure like Indiana Jones, a science adventure like Jurassic Park and a human feel-good story like Slumdog Millionaire. Masters of the Broken Watches is a must-read. Sebastian Miles and his team of marine biologists stare at their watches. Time outside their lab has jumped forward by twenty-two hours. Minutes before this illogical space-time event, they were analyzing a mysterious glowing nodule extracted from an unknown marine specimen. News of this marine life reaches powerful go... [Read More...]

Free: The Cerebranauts: In Search of the Human Experience

Lizzie Sayler, a young doctor specializing in the emerging field of brain mapping, is approached by the government with an urgent request to help salvage a quantum computer project when its two inventors become neurologically impaired. Utilizing a new technology that enables mental transfers, Lizzie enters the scientists’ brains to diagnose their problems, and hopefully, cure them. But things do not always go as planned, especially when she encounters North Korean agents, terrorists, and the ... [Read More...]

Free: Dead City

One drug saved the world. Now, the same drug threatens to destroy it. Ian Keys has climbed to the top rungs of pharma giant Hemisphere — creator of Necrophage, the drug that paused the necrotic outbreak, allowing the infected to live among us. But Ian’s new position gives him access to dangerous secrets. When an anonymous insider set him on the hunt for the biggest secret of all, he discovers that the “cure” the company gave the world might not have been a cure at all. But is th... [Read More...]

Free: The Sigian Bracelet

Gillabrian, or Gill, as friends use to call him, is an Antyran archaeologist. After stumbling upon the terrible secrets of the alien fleet that locked his star system inside a weird space distortion a thousand years ago, he finds himself in the unenviable position of being hunted on all the Antyran worlds, and not only there. Will our hero prevail and find a way to keep the secrets of the Sigian Bracelet? ... [Read More...]