Free: The Steel Queen

For fans of George Martin’s Game of Thrones comes a truly epic, action-packed fantasy with stunning female leads. A convoluted tale of knights and swords, love and betrayal, battles and magic. Evil is brilliant, handsome, and even seductive, using human nature to deceive, divide, corrupt and conquer. This saga is not for the faint of heart, but for those who want a truly epic story with serious characters and smart, complex plot twists. The Steel Queen is set in a medieval world, but the ... [Read More...]

Free: The Justicar Jhee Mysteries

Injustice rules the lives of many. Justicar Jhee, a magic-wielding sleuth, uses her talents to stand against it. The empire of the Blessed Isles’ invasion of their sister worlds failed. Now, the Storm Shield they built to protect against barbarian invasion has caused sea levels to rise and rendered many islands uninhabitable. Jhee is an investigative judge and new head of a polygamous household from the Far Reaches of the empire who fights for justice for the downtrodden. She solves crime... [Read More...]

The Arena

  Cael, contracted champion, kills for entertainment to provide for his little brother. The stone in his weapon’s pommel gains the attention of the Chancelloress, which consequently attracts the eye of sadistic Chancellor Orik. Cael must maneuver politics while fighting in the arena. Meanwhile, Agenayus, a disguised member of another race, struggles to keep the city’s ambitions within the secret border that protects the human race from the harmful magics beyond. $0.99 on Kindle... [Read More...]

Free: The Awakening

College student Tara can’t be pregnant, but she is. Only a stranger believes her claim that she’s a virgin. But when it’s revealed her child will be a girl, the powerful religious cult he belongs to turns on her, convinced she’ll trigger the Apocalypse. Tara fights for her life, not knowing if she and her child will save the world–or destroy it. (Book 1 of 4.) ... [Read More...]

Emma and the Minotaur

A modern-day fairy tale, and a love letter to innocence and fantasy. In the forests of Saint Martin, a great power has awakened. Whispers abound of a monster who lurks in the dark as more and more of the city’s residents go missing. Awaiting Emma Wilkins in the shadows of Glenridge Forest is a world of magic, secrets, and creatures of legend returning from exile. Emma’s hidden destiny points her directly toward an inevitable confrontation with the colossal Minotaur, who serves a pow... [Read More...]

Olive Arin: The Night Phantom

New wizard Olive Arin is heading to a summer camp for People of Magic. When she has a run-in with a cloaked figure on the campgrounds, Olive becomes convinced her fellow campers are being kidnapped. To avoid a similar fate, she’ll need to uncover who’s behind the mysterious abductions and why they’ve set their sights on her. $0.99 on Kindle ... [Read More...]