Free: From The Shadows

Journalist Aaron Page’s life is turned upside down when an investigation into east London’s sex trade results in the murder of a young prostitute. Two years on, with the fallout from the girl’s death having claimed his career and his relationship, Aaron is dragged back into the world he has tried to forget when her killer is found dead in suspicious circumstances. Loath to confront his past but desperate to find closure to the events that took everything he held dear, Aaron in... [Read More...]


Marty Clawson is sick of being trapped by her weight–sick of her jerk husband. Her fantasy about shedding pounds while engaged in outdoor survival flopped as hard as her marriage. Now she’s desperate to get unstuck. So, a bus ride north into the Montana wild seems a promising bet–visit an old suitor who works as an animal trapper. Too bad he’s also a psychopath. She’ll have to outwit a vast wilderness and sheer evil to survive. $1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Blazer: Line of Duty

Steve Blazer is an honest San Francisco cop, but he has a reputation: he’s a magnet for trouble. Former soldier, Steve Blazer, is given command of SFPD’s Special Forces… before he was a crack Homicide Inspector, he was an elite up and comer on the Vice Squad. With the help of his mentor, John Stanson, Blazer is on a crusade to bust gangs of drug smugglers, fight the legalization of marijuana, stop robbers and track down gang leaders. But even with his job title there are rules to foll... [Read More...]

A Kink in the Road (A Deadline Cozy Mystery)

Eve Lloyd’s best-laid plans to stay out of trouble are tampered with when the island’s new favorite resident comes to lunch and brings an entourage of ex-wives, his fiancée, some friends and a killer. A storm is brewing and Eve’s lunch guests stay for dinner. One guest does not survive the night. Humorous Cozy Mystery. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Mrs. Jones

A woman is found dead by her husband, murdered. Footage shows a contract killer in the area.  The only female detective on Asheville P. D., Adelaide Henson, finds the case on her desk. No one else wants to touch it. But she does. It’s the case of a lifetime. Henson knows the widower, they’ve met before, years ago in Chicago during an investigation. He might not remember her. But what will he do if he does? She’s determined to find the killer, and so is he. He thinks his way i... [Read More...]

Free: Woman at the Top of the Stairs

She listened as the woman living underneath her take the kinds of beatings she used to. Gina couldn’t just listen anymore. Meet Gina. She is the woman at the top of the stairs who repeatedly hears the cries and screams of the woman who lives below her as she is constantly victimized at the hands of her partner. Bearing witness to Zenobia’s pain reminds Gina of the abusive life she narrowly escaped from. But Gina can’t get away from the nightmares of her past; the tumultuous reminders ... [Read More...]

The Girl Who Wasn’t There

Beautiful, intelligent, and mysterious, the three sisters seem to have it all. Except for the fact they’re escaped clones. Their very existence is illegal. And some very powerful people want them dead. To find out what happens to Sarah, Ellie, and Maria in this future-noir, you’ll have to get a copy of The Girl Who Wasn’t There. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Connections, Conflict & Murder

A walk in the park, online connections, and dangerous discoveries. When the cybersecurity expert who checked out Stacie’s computer turns up dead, Stacie and her good friend and IT whiz, Trina, find themselves entangled in the ensuing murder investigation. With Stacie at her side, Trina reaches out to other tech people who knew Sam and places both women in the sights of a killer. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Primal Creatures

On assignment at an island resort for artists and actors, French Quarter P.I. Wyatt Thomas deals with murder, voodoo, and creatures that only walk at night. Primal Creatures, Book 3 of Eric Wilder’s entertaining and stand-alone French Quarter Mystery Series. “A colorful zydeco of a read that’s part mystery, part thriller, part travelogue, and all fun.” The Preternatural Post. Visit Goose Island tonight but don’t forget to wear your gris gris. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Murder in the Arboretum

Discovery of a dead body shattered the calm of the Arboretum. Another murder in small town Cold Creek has tensions rising. Clive Johnson, the groundskeeper at Cold Creek College, is a convenient scapegoat for a police chief. Convinced Chief Pfeiffe has it all wrong, Sheridan Hendley sets out to help prove Clive’s innocence. Not everyone is pleased by her enthusiastic search for the truth. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]