The Hook

It’s 1976 and Ernest Kemp is looking for his wife and daughter. After leaving the US Navy, he finds his way to Hallowell, Maine. He’s an outsider and the townsfolk don’t trust him. Their suspicions increase when someone starts killing children. After being falsely accused and arrested, Ernest teams up with Samantha Belcher as she investigates the murders for the Kennebec Journal. They discover the murders are ritualistic sacrifices. Ernest and Samantha’s issues rise as b... [Read More...]

When a Stranger Comes…: A gripping psychological thriller

Author Alexa Wainwright is losing her mojo. Her latest works aren’t selling like her internationally bestselling debut. She vows to do whatever it takes to get back to being number one. But is she really? As she makes this vow, suddenly a lightning bolt cracks across the cloudless sky transporting the clueless Alexa to an alternate universe. Here, the characters in her books are given the breath of life and she meets media mogul, publisher, and possibly the devil himself, King Blakemore, ... [Read More...]

Free: Joey Mancuso Crime Mysteries: Volumes 1 – 3 (Joey Mancuso Mysteries)

The first 3 unique detective crime mysteries from Joey Mancuso (former NYPD detective) and Father O’Brian. Mancuso is a means to an end guy and doesn’t put up with the typical bureaucracy. Working together with his half-brother, a priest, they work their crime investigations out of an Irish Pub in Lower Manhattan, which they own. “Riveting.”Fans of New York detective shows from Blue Bloods to Elementary will find it right up their alley, and devotees of Golden Age mysteri... [Read More...]

Free: Dead Letters: A Riveting International Police Procedural Mystery

The exotic adventure was her dream. Until it turned into a nightmare. When her niece goes missing with an archaeologist whose shady past has spilled into the present, handwriting expert Claudia Rose embarks on a desperate search in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings. Resolved to expose the sinister truth behind Monica’s disappearance, and prepared to do whatever it takes to find her, Claudia’s international hunt for answers leads her to Gibraltar and the UK. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


Duncan Luke wants two things in life: to retire early from corporate law and be with his autistic son, Sam. When his wife leaves him, taking Sam with her, he faces an expensive custody battle and sees no choice but to abandon retirement plans and double down on his business intelligence expertise by taking a job with a closely held, family-run firm, the Bingham Investment Group or BIG. Founder Robert Bingham has died and his widow, Ghislaine, is on the verge of getting pushed out. She needs a g... [Read More...]

Free: The Cannabis Preacher – Sermon Four

In this action-packed financial thriller, Al Ivers and his two brothers live with the constant fear of an elusive killer who has sworn to take revenge on their family. Al’s life is already complicated enough as the majority shareholder of the largest cannabis company in the country, but a mysterious illness is making him increasingly weaker. Meanwhile, Al’s best friend and advisor, Rafael, is stranded in a tropical storm thousands of miles away. With no leaders, the company is throw... [Read More...]


Covert operations. Predictive dreams. Tangled jungle paths. A passionate, romance. Isabela is haunted by her dreams. When a series of synchronistic events merge her nighttime dreams with reality, Isabela follows her intuition to study with a master watercolor artist in Thailand. She descends the airplane airstairs in Bangkok into an overwhelming heat and a future with unforeseeable consequences. Navy pilot Lance Jameson is flying jets off the USS Midway when he is recruited for a covert mission... [Read More...]

Free: Greed

Washburn County Deputy Amber Monroe is following in the footsteps of her sister, Jade. She devours everything she can during her detective training in hopes of being promoted soon. Living in small-town USA has its advantages, like a sense of security, and disadvantages, like being close to Milwaukee and its crime. Washburn County has become the dumping ground of murder victims, courtesy of its neighboring county to the south. When two men are discovered on the outskirts of North Bend, each with... [Read More...]

Driving Unclaimed Cargo

When the US military decides it’s in their strategic interest to update their nuclear assets, they choose to move the American nuclear arsenal to locations all over the United States. Preventing the currently centralized location from being wiped out too quickly. Even if a 99% success rate is achieved, one failure could occur. A bomb is misplaced, and it’ll take the work of a secret internal government organization and its operatives to bring it back. However, to reduce the number of connec... [Read More...]