Free: Born to Be Different!

Ollie didn’t know he was a big weirdo…not until the day other kids made fun of him. Ollie went home and he put away his costumes. He put away his capes. He closed the door on the special world he created and said goodbye to all the friends only he could see. Ollie was going to be “normal” – no different than all the other kids in the world. No one would ever laugh at him again! But Ollie had a problem. Ollie wasn’t LIKE all the other kids in the world. Ollie was born to be diffe... [Read More...]

Free: The Adventures of Bentley Hippo: Inspiring Children to Share

Bentley the bubbly hippo has a dream to go to the moon. As he sets off on his journey, he encounters a silly monkey that thinks that throwing bananas is the way to share. Bentley is on a mission to inspire children to do better, be kinder, accept and respect each other regardless of size, color, shape, gender or religion; and to help those dealing with other challenges. Inspiring Children to Share is the 1st of the 5-book series. Get ready to fall in love with Bentley. A great read for children... [Read More...]

Jorge, the Trumpeter

Sheriff Queen Baldwin has banned all animals and music from her town of Neither Here nor There! And when she crashes a quinceañera, the rest of the animals who had been living in hiding are out of luck and their fates uncertain as they’re deported across El Desierto Sin Fin! So it is up to Jorge, the Trumpeter, and a cowardice pig, Nathaniel Oink, to traverse through the endless desert and return their friends back to the only home they know. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Roger Tarkington and the Magic Calendar: Quest for Middle School Greatness

Roger Tarkington’s unlucky start to sixth grade turns magical when he discovers he can repeat days by touching his wall calendar. Will Roger’s amazing magic calendar help him achieve his goal of middle school greatness or will this time travel portal further complicate his life at Jefferson Middle School? Join Roger and his best friend, E3 (Elizabeth Emily Elliot), in this fun, Diary of a Wimpy Kid meets Groundhog Day time travel book for kids. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Chloe’s Japan Journey

Join Chloe on her adventures in Japan, where the best of cool modern science combines with quaint beautiful tradition. Highlights include viewing cherry blossoms in bloom and tasting food delights like sushi, ramen and tempura. Visit an ancient castle from the warlord days and discover a pavilion in a lake all covered in gold leaf. The brilliant Japanese pop-art illustrations make this book a joy to keep. This is a story that doesn’t lose its wonder and beauty even with hundreds of repeat... [Read More...]

Free: Tilly and Torg’s Treasury

Together for the first time, an Easy-As-Pie chapter book collection featuring three Tilly and Torg books together! Each book includes word lists and a book quiz. FREE coloring pages, word cards, character cut-outs for retelling the story – and MORE- are available on • Tilly and Torg – Up In The Air: When Tilly and Torg are invited to a party at Auntie Glo’s house, they’re ready for takeoff! Join the two hilarious monsters as they take their first airplane trip, ... [Read More...]

The Tree: A Starting Point For Discussing Death With Children

This book is for parents who want to have a discussion with their child about death – after they get that question one night “What happens when we die?” The book introduces the idea, provides a snapshot of three different opinions, but really focuses on the life aspect, and how amazing it is to be alive. The secondary purpose of the book is to start the process of unlocking the critical thinker in our kids. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


“Word Search Book for Kids Ages 4-8” is an enjoyable activity book to help children with their spelling, letter recognition and vocabulary. This book helps children learn words and recognize letters. The word search puzzles have been carefully created for the developing minds of children 4-8 years old. There are hours of fun and learning within these pages. $6.97 in Paperback only. ... [Read More...]