Boost Your Bullsh*t Resilience At Work

Boost Your Bullsh*t Resilience At Work

Are you fed up with the daily grind at your workplace?

Do you wish there was a way to navigate the ups and downs of office politics with ease and even have fun at work?

Let this book help you with that!

In “Boost Your Bullsh*t Resilience At Work,” renowned author Chris Reavis presents 13 proven practices to help you not only survive but thrive in the often chaotic world of work. Drawing on the latest evidence-based research and science-backed strategies, Reavis combines practical advice with humorous anecdotes to deliver a refreshingly honest take on how to handle the BS (that’s “Business Stuff”) that comes your way.

From dealing with difficult coworkers to explaining how to handle sacred corporate cows, each chapter offers actionable tips and insights that will help you achieve better outcomes while maintaining your sanity. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out in your career, this book is your essential guide to building resilience, reducing stress, and finding fulfillment in your work.

Packed with real-world examples and laugh-out-loud stories, “Boost Your BS Resilience At Work” is the must-read resource for anyone who wants to take control of their professional life and create a more enjoyable work experience. Get ready to transform your approach to work and unlock your full potential!
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