Unbreakable Wings

Soar Beyond the scars of your past!

UNBREAKABLE WINGS will guide you to become the hero in your life story. If you’ve had trauma or loss in your life (and who hasn’t, Right?) This is the book for you! Research-based and Experience-based, it will give you Results. Coming from a Certified Coach in Crisis Prevention and a Teacher with Advanced Degrees in Emotional Conflict and Behavior Disorders.

Trained to Help all Troubled Youth and Children, she will show you how:
To Move Forward in Your Life After any Trauma or Loss,
To Have Peace, Happiness, and Hope even after a Terrible Tragedy,
To Live in the Present and Look to a Happy Future,

Even with terrible traumatic experiences in your past, find fulfillment in your future.
This author has many years of experience helping children, youth, and adults overcome grief and trauma. She has been an educator, coach, mentor, and therapist, helping them to survive any conflicts they have experienced.

She experienced significant loss as a twelve-year-old, went through loneliness and despair, confusion and a lack of hope, as well as an illness that could have taken her life. This terrible illness has stolen many lives! She was one of the Lucky Ones. Find out how in this remarkable story. $0.99 on Kindle.
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