Mine to Protect

Mine to Protect
New day. New feelings. New threats. I’ve survived alone since I was twelve.

Never knowing intimacy or love. Until Rex awoke feelings in me I don’t understand.

The brash, controlling man is my first everything. Yet I remain defiant, clinging to my independence, even if I’m possessive of him.

But when sickness strikes him down, Fear of losing him consumes me. Just as Carrionites descend, hungry for blood.

Though I don’t understand how to love, I’ll shield him with everything I am. No matter the threats encroaching, I will keep him safe or die trying.

Its my turn to protect the man who claimed methe man I ache forat all costs.

A steamy short M/M dark and angsty romance, featuring an OTT hero, an age-gap romance, and a touch of suspense. $2.99 on Kindle.
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