The Orphan Chronicles: Genesis

The Orphan Chronicles: Genesis

In a secret research facility 200 feet below the oceans surface, an extraordinary experiment is taking place

Ananya Patel is one of twelve orphans who have been raised at The Institutea secret, underwater research facility funded and operated by billionaire philanthropist Gregory Cornelius.

While at The Institute, Ananya and the other orphans have been given regular doses of a formula that exponentially enhances a persons natural skills and abilities. Corneliuss vision is for the ability-enhanced orphans to be educated and trained at the Institute so they can one day exert a virtuous and constructive influence on the world around them.

Ananya has worked hard over the last eight years to develop her enhanced abilities so she can fulfill her part in Mr. Corneliuss vision. Having been raised in a brothel in India, she knows what life would have held for her if she hadn’t been brought to The Institute, and she’s never taken the incredible opportunity for granted. Now, with only one year left before she and the other two orphans in her age group graduate out of the program, the stakes have never been higher. When Ananya begins receiving mysterious messages that indicate Mr. Cornelius may not be the altruistic benefactor they’ve all believed him to be, she becomes obsessed with discovering the truth about Mr. Corneliuss past, though the consequences of this pursuit could be devastating for Ananya personally and for everyone else at The Institute as well.

During these same critical months, a series of glitches and strange occurrences plague The Institute, eventually culminating in the death of one of the younger orphans. It becomes clear there is a saboteur at work. Is someone simply trying to undermine the program, or is something more sinister at play? And what might this mean for the future of the program and the orphans who have been brought to live at the Institute?

When the saboteurs identity is discovered, secrets from Mr. Corneliuss past come to light, setting in motion a series of events that threaten to destroy the Institute and everything Ananya holds dear. $0.99 on Kindle.
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