Free: The Sigian Bracelet

The Sigian Bracelet

Gillabrian, or Gill, as friends use to call him, is a shy, unassuming Antyran archaeologist. After stumbling upon the terrible secrets of the alien visitors who burned the ancient Antyran civilization to the ground and locked their star system in a weird space distortion, he finds himself in the unenviable position of being hunted everywhere on the planet, and not only there.

The path laid before Gill forces him to change, to discover that he has the strength to overcome his fears and make the right choices even against overwhelming odds. But beyond that, he is compelled to explore the meaning of being alive, to glimpse the fine line between life and death, and find how technology would eventually blur their boundary.

Being thrown in the river of madness, he will reach the point where any choice is a bad choice, when defeating a foe could open the path for an even greater evil, when the light at the end of the tunnel is the hideous grin of a technological singularity bent on assimilating everything, its tentacles as long as the Universe.

Will our hero prevail and find a way to keep the secrets of the Sigian Bracelet? Free on Kindle.
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