Free: Christmas On Yuletide Lane

Christmas On Yuletide Lane

All Holly Ivy envisions on her flight from LA to small town Hickory Grove is that she is about to have the most mundane holiday season ever. But what happens next is anything but mundane, especially when childhood friend Nick Saint James stops by.

An unexpected Holiday Romance will soon evolve for Holly after she embarrassingly bumps into her childhood friend from across the street. Itll be the first time she has seen Nick since high school and shell find him more handsome and kind than she remembered.

Nick in true form will soon give Holly a mysterious Christmas present that shes not allowed to open until Christmas day, yet Holly wont be sure if she can wait that long to open it. Especially after Nick begins giving her unique and special gifts each day leading up to the magical day of December 25th.

Will Holly ruin her chances of true love with Nick by not only opening the mysterious Christmas present from him before Christmas day, but by also going on a date with an ex-boyfriend who believes Holly is just the right woman for him.
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