Free: The Ground You Walk On

The Ground You Walk On

Things aren’t going exactly as planned ever since Robert Bowden decided to shed his shame like an old coat, embrace his “strange” submissive desires, and live in blissful service to an unapologetically dominant and demanding woman.

For starters, his “manhood” has been locked away in the Fort Knox of chastity devices. (This thing is scarily impenetrable.) It’s Christmas Eve and he’s been handed a next-to-impossible mission: Steal the Baby Jesus from the well-guarded mansion of an infamous Dominatrix, who’s as vicious with a PowerPoint as she is with a bullwhip. And, he’s just learned that Lisa, the woman he’s been dating (OK, maybe dating isn’t exactly the right word.) has a jealous, psycho, violent – and very large – ex-boyfriend who’s also in law enforcement. Yay!

If all that wasn’t enough to drive a guy over the edge, he has the worst case of blue balls ever. Like, New England Journal of Medicine case-study blue balls. Like someone could get a federal grant to study his blue balls. For Robert Bowden, this has got to be the Worst. Christmas. Ever.

This Femdom thriller takes a deep dive into the psycho-sexual minds of a submissive man and a dominant woman who craves absolute control. But maybe what they both truly seek is acceptance — and love. Free on Kindle.
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