Free: Leftover Girl

Leftover Girl
The truth will set you free… unless you’re Jes Delaney.

Eleven years ago, Jes appeared barefoot in the headlights of an old Ford. A truck driven by a man who not only saved her life, but also adopted her. At fifteen, she can’t remember anything before that night.

Her mom’s hometown seems like a safe place to hide. They’re like a normal family and Jes finally has friends. She even falls for a guy who likes her though he’s definitely off-limits. But it’s all an illusion. The more Jes looks around, the more she thinks something is wrong with her.

No one else dreams of spaceships or worries what might happen if people find out the truth. No one has to lie about who they really are.

When Jes befriends a strange new student, she discovers he’s searching for a missing girl who might be her. Could she be this mystery girl, and what will it mean for the family determined to protect her? Free on Kindle.
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