Free: Peace Dreamer: A Journey of Hope in Bad Times and Good

Peace Dreamer: A Journey of Hope in Bad Times and Good
“Peace Dreamer: A Journey of Hope in Bad Times and Good” received the Gold Seal of Excellence by the Nonfiction Authors Association. It is here to give you the tools that help you to never give up no matter how messy life becomes. This award-winning inspirational self-help book gently feeds your spirit with optimism and healing tools that add to your personal growth journey. Every word on every page is designed to support you in feeling more moments of inner peace, shift from fear to love, reduce inner judgments, and create a new story of love and hope for yourself and for the world.

Barbara Gaughen Muller, United Nations President, Santa Barbara, California: “Cheryl Melody Baskin is one of the most evolved souls in our world and her loving way of relating to the reader will bathe you with endless possibilities.”

Best-selling New York Times author and physician, Dr. Bernie Siegel: “A book of powerful life coaching. Let “Peace Dreamer” be your guide to finding your true and joyful new life.”

The Nonfiction Authors Association: “Cheryl Melody Baskin writes with infectious sincerity, passion, and earnestness. Her expressions jump off the page, drawing the reader into her circle and giving them the almost-experience of being in the same room with her. Inner discovery tools, soul-searching meaning, creative self-care techniques, and carefully chosen affirmations are all shared generously. Thoughtful questions, journal prompts, and activities (called the “Look Within” process) are sprinkled throughout to help readers navigate their own private battles as well as contribute to the larger mission of creating a vibration of love, peace and hope even in the face of a chaotic world scene. Peace Dreamer will make you pause, take deep breaths, meditate, feel, and heal. Even better, it will help you to help others do the same. What a breathtakingly special book!”

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