Shell Games

Shell Games

Jim has nowhere to turn. His mentor is dead. Millions of dollars are missing. And he can’t remember the last six months of his life.

Working as an accountant for a Long Island investment firm, Jim Garvey is far more comfortable reviewing financial statements than he is exploring the local dating scene. While working late one night, his uneventful life is torn apart when someone burns his firm to the ground. The brazen attack leaves Jim physically injured and suffering from severe memory loss, his mentor dead, and the firm on the brink of financial collapse.

Despite all that he has gone through, Jim is the only person his boss trusts to help get the firm back on its feet. Upon returning to work, it doesn’t take him long to discover that nearly $5 million had been wired to a mysterious company the day before the fire.

That discovery leads him down a path filled with treacherous questions he must answer before it’s too late. To uncover the truth, Jim must navigate the secretive worlds of shell companies, corporate fraud, and money laundering. However, he can’t trust a soul with what he comes to learn along the way.

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