Clean Food, Messy Life: A Food Lover’s Conscious Journey Back to Self

All who obsess over food will be nourished by Truppi’s unapologetic food journey from reckless habits to inflexible foodie to trusting herself amidst dietary chaos. Yes, she drove people nuts with her unwavering determination to eat according to her environmental values. Her insatiable hunger for personal awareness and nutrient-idealism challenged her relationships and caused friction in otherwise normal life events. This passion also reframed her mind-body-spirit awareness and fed a desire to pursue a graduate degree in nutrition and integrative health.

Memoir. Cookbook. Self-help. Clean Food, Messy Life: A food lover’s conscious journey back to self is ideal for foodies, gastronomes, health nuts, adventurous eaters, seekers of nutrition wisdom, and those struggling with the connection between food, relationships, and wellbeing. $0.99 on Kindle.
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