Free: I Am Animal: Lessons from Sharks to Master the Mind, Body, and Life

There are hundreds of reasons that sharks have ruled our world’s oceans since their entry into the fossil record 450 million years ago… and why they’ve survived five mass extinction events, long predating Mount Everest, dinosaurs, and even trees. To me, the message is one and clear: they’re really, really, really good at what they do. If that’s true, I only have one question. What do these waterborne warriors have to teach humanity about living our dream lives?

In this book, you’ll learn:
—How to master your body, unleashing its power like the biggest great whites in South Africa
—How to set goals with the laser strategy of the blue shark, master survivalist of the open ocean
—What the ancients believed about sharks all over the world
—How to choose your animal guides and get up close and personal

The more that I look at the world of sharks, the more I learn that these things aren’t just the beautiful native citizens of Earth that researchers and documentary junkies might think. They’re also quite literally made to teach us how to live the life of our dreams. If we just learn how to listen to them, we might see just how good they are at that too. Free on Kindle.
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