Free: Chasing Rabbits

Chasing Rabbits

Winner 2022 PenCraft Book Awards 2022 BEST FICTION BOOK OF THE YEAR
Winner at the Literary Titan Book Award 2022
Winner at the FAPA 2022 President’s Book Awards
Winner at the American Fiction Awards
Finalist at the Maxy Awards
Distinguised Favorite at the Independent Press Award/NYC Big Book Award

With an important test quickly approaching, Rudy is sure he is more than up to the challenge. Nevertheless a forthcoming trial unrelated with his academic abilities will test his very soul.

As a driven fourth year medical student, Rudy Dell is all about numbers and school standing. Having previously scheduled a non-demanding clerkship to complete his studies; an unexpected turn of events finds him assigned to the Oncology unit of the University Pediatric Hospital. On unfamiliar territory and answering to a demanding attending physician, things are not as expected.

On a desperate struggle to find time to study Rudy is now surrounded by patients and situations very different to what he has faced before. Still confident in his abilities, Rudy believes he will tackle this new challenge as he always does, head on. Unbeknownst to him, he will face a most unexpected test, as the children of the oncology unit show him he might not be quite prepared for the upcoming weeks, and maybe not quite prepare to become a doctor.
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