She’s always felt cursed. He’s being hunted. The prophecy foretold their encounter would change the fate of the world.

Ophelia has always felt cursed with the ability to unwillingly syphon the secrets and emotions from everyone around her. But after a chance encounter with a stranger she discovers she’s part of the powerful Conduit world, where Gods and monsters are frightfully real and her curse is actually her gift.

Elias has been hunted since his parents murder. Now he’s the only one left who can stop the Conduit war that has been waged in the shadows of humanity for over 3,000 years.

Their meeting sets into motion a series of events foretold in an ancient prophecy. What remains unclear is whether they are destined to be the catalyst for peace or the weapon that will annihilate the Conduit world and humanity as we know it. Free on Kindle.
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