Political Nightmare

Political Nightmare

The girl who was blessed when Daddy killed Mommy; the bird lady born with four arms and no wings; King Kess’s trans widower; the most forgettable prince whoever died; secret agents popping up everywhere: and the mind-controlling bunny rabbit.

Floppy-eared Noveren Aycker aims to retake control of Vasagne: a country that’s lost its traditional values and no longer respects its heritage. To win over this corrupted land, he ‘befriends’ their most influential leader. Can being around such a liberal individual alter the mind of a tyrant?

The Blind King created this more accepting society. He spent decades arranging his players to make sure Aycker’s power is destroyed once and for all. Nothing would prevent this king from fulfilling his mission. Not even death.

Political Nightmare weaves a plot through past and present to arrange a story full of twists. $2.99 on Kindle.

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