Free: Tiger Queen

Tiger Queen
After the death of her estranged brother, April is notified she has inherited his life’s work; a private zoo in Oklahoma.

Searching for answers regarding her brother’s death, April leaves the comfort of the city to stay at the zoo. While there she meets some truly unique and interesting people, like Derrick, the zoo’s headstrong and handsome lead zookeeper, who agrees to show her the ropes. Once there she realizes nothing is what she expected. She didn’t expect to find her brother was not the man she knew. She didn’t expect to walk hand and hand with a chimpanzee or end up face to face with a tiger. Most of all she didn’t expect a romantic connection. But not everyone welcomes her with open arms and she quickly discovers that the lions and tigers aren’t the most dangerous animals at the zoo as the staff all seem to have secrets of their own. Now she has to figure out who killed her brother before she’s their next victim. Free on Kindle.

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