The Broken Pillars of Society: The Empowerment of Man

The Broken Pillars of Society: the empowerment of man
Throughout the journey of The Broken Pillars of Society: the empowerment of man, the Author, A.A. Pearson promises to empower you and human race. The author teaches the true significance behind being human, he further teaches the secrets of pursuing the path of enlightenment. As the reader progresses through the books content, they will learn of the real problems that the human race face within the 21st century. The finale of the book presents tangible solutions that would facilitate the idea of World Peace to become a true reality. The content of this book is divided into three easily digestible volumes which can be complete at the readers leisure. You will gain knowledge and insight in a multitude of subject areas; the Author attempts to assist a shift your philosophical perception utilizing a mass of evidence in support of his interesting ideas and approach to life itself. $5.00 on Kindle.

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