Free: The Escalator Effect – A Business Fable: Four Essential Steps to Lead and Inspire Your Organization to Rising Success

The Escalator Effect™ details four essential steps to lead and inspire your organization to rising success. The business model provides a strategy and system to help leaders build and grow meaningful focus and direction; energize and engage their teams; refine their customer (or member) experience; and create and deliver relevant distinction in the marketplace.

If you are a seasoned executive seeking new insights, in a start-up just getting going, a CEO, senior or middle management, a non-profit, or even an aspiring leader or manager, the proven concepts in this book can give you tools and ideas to escalate your personal, organizational, and financial success. The chapters are digestible and actionable quick-reads, designed to inform and inspire the reader to understand and apply the Escalator Factors™ to realize all-win victories in business and life. Buy it today: your adventure and journey awaits. Free on Kindle.

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