Free: Taken by the SEAL

Taken by the SEAL
Bradley is a SEAL coming to the apex of his career without knowing it. He is reassigned duty stations away from the notorious Twenty Nine Palms to Hawaii. When he gets there, Bradley sees Jasmine, the General’s daughter. Even though he’s warned that any involvement with her will complicate things, Bradley still plunges forward.

Almost immediately Bradley is given control of the islands SEAL team, which has just been repopulated after suffering mass causalities. Bradley is glad to have a promotion, but he is also on the hook for everything that happens to the team. The General is freaked out from all of the bad PR a failed mission generates. And amidst all of this, Bradley decides to mix business and pleasure—the General’s daughter.

In the end, after harrowing adventure, will love be able to find a way? Free on Kindle

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