Free: Fitz Darcy and the Drowned Heiress: A Pride and Prejudice Continuation (Fitz Darcy Adventures Book 1)

Fitz Darcy – the scandalous younger son of Elizabeth and Mr Darcy – has inherited the very worst qualities of both of his parents.

Like his mother, he is intelligent, whimsical and restless, always searching for perfection in a world that lets him down. His pride, quick temper and obstinacy are all his father, although he would hate to admit any resemblance. His twin brother Will, meanwhile, is everything a Darcy should be – handsome, honest and noble.

For seven long years, Fitz has been absent from his family home, following a furious row with his father just before his eighteenth birthday. A family tragedy sends him back to Pemberley where his Aunt Lydia enlists his help.

Will Fitz save the day and restore his reputation or will he fail and besmirch the famous Darcy name forever more? Free on Kindle.

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