The Inner Earth Chronicles

The Inner Earth Chronicles
The Inner Earth Chronicles is a fast-paced fantasy adventure series. Tangie Newsham is a modern-day elite soldier from the real world searching for answers. Her father was presumed dead fifteen years prior.

Her search leads her to her father’s discovery, a living stone portal that transported her to the magical world of Hyfold.

Hyfold is a land of mystical creatures, magic, and kingdoms at war.

Now trapped in this land, Tangie must make use of her modern military training, and high tech tools to fight sorcerers, knights, bandits and fantastic beast. She finds a host of friends to help her on her journey, all with unique skills and abilities of their own.

Now aligned with the Kingdom of Thidora, Tangie now fights for her new home and kingdom that is constantly under attack by forces that want to see the kingdom fall. The queen’s right to the throne is tested, the land is attacked, and betrayal is afoot.

There’s also the problem of her past from the real world catching up to her.

There are battles on different fronts at all times. $0.99 each on Kindle.

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