Raven’s Flock: A Return to Columbia

Raven's Flock: A Return to Columbia
She can control water, she’s seventeen, she’s locked in a psych ward, she’s Raven Spade.

….and she just became Columbia’s most wanted criminal.

So, the Columbians think they can suppress, imprison, institutionalize, and slaughter the Stoicheion race? Actually, the centrally-planned Columbian government does – while distracting the masses by creating a national security state claiming to spread humanitarianism and liberty throughout Gaia. As if destroying families living in poverty counts as freedom and humanitarianism…

And the Stoicheions – the true defenders of freedom and personal sovereignty – stood in their way, as they have throughout the pages of Gaia’s history. So, the Columbians systemically did away with them until their existence was reduced to folklore, fake news, and misinformation. Their history erased.

And yet, the fate of Gaia’s defenders now living in hiding rests on the shoulders of a teenager?

Raven might need a little bit of help taking on the world’s most powerful military empire not seen since the Southpoint Empire existed 250 years before her time.

There’s only one man capable of helping this poor girl who first held a Sword of Stoicheion about twenty minutes before she busted out of the ward.

And that man has zero recollection of his nation’s two and a half-century history. But he may know a thing or two about taking on and destroying governments whose power gets entirely out of hand. $0.99 on Kindle.

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