Free: The Doctor’s Nest: The Story Continues

The Doctor's Nest: The Story Continues

“The Story Continues…,” is the second installment in a series of short stories that is the book, Living in the Doctor’s Nest, a compilation of stories about the life of a doctor who cares for extremely premature infants. As the stories unfold, we learn about the challenges that she faced as she began to practice in her field and how she ultimately fulfilled her goal of developing specialized units for the extremely premature newborn. Along the way, we get to know more about her family, lovers, and friends. We meet the nurses and respiratory therapists that provided the care, and we learn about the “scorpions,” the obstacles that lay in wait to derail the process along the way.

The baby from the last story was now a little “Borg,” something like the character from Star Trek, no longer connected to the flesh of its mother by a pulsing cord but to the world through the humming wires of impersonal energy. …” Free on Kindle.

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