Free: KANE: An Urban Crime Novel

KANE: An Urban Crime Novel

Kane receives an unexpected phone call that changes his life forever. The man on the other line calls himself, The Planner. He offers Kane five million dollars to steal the African Black Diamond from the Atlanta Museum. Life has been hard after being framed for murder, the death of his father and his mother having a mental breakdown. His closest friends are dealing with unfavorable circumstances and nothing is going right for any of them. He has three days to accept the offer from The Planner. He needs to make a decision quickly because he’s not the only person after the fifty million dollar rock.

Jordan is an FBI agent that loves dangerous situations and shooting his gun. After bringing down the biggest mafia family in Atlanta, he has been asked to lay low for a while. That doesn’t sit right with him because he lives to be in the action. He is assigned to watch the African Black Diamond with his new partner, Rick. A rookie agent at the bureau. Jordan’s prayers are answered when he gets a call about a murder involving a teacher. He finds out the suspect is Kane Simmons. Things get even more interesting after investigating the murder of his father. Since Kane’s release, there’s been a bank robbery and the biggest diamond heist in history happened under his watch. He has a feeling the prime suspect is Kane, a kid who keeps beating him at his own game. Free on Kindle.

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