Remember Me

Remember Me

As a senior at a new school, Calvin Clark’s life is miserable. After his mother passed away, he was sent across the country from Connecticut to California to live with his sister just a few weeks before the beginning of the school year.

Calvin, with plenty to be stressed about, focuses on just getting through the year so he can return home to his friends. On the first day of school he meets an interesting friend in Brock and first lays eyes on the beautiful Ashley Parker. Heading into day two, he sees a reason to be optimistic about his new situation until the impossible happens. No one remembers him.

He shows up for the second day and is treated like a brand new student. Not a single person has any recollection of him from the day before. The same thing happens on day three and four before Calvin decides to say something. With the guidance counselor and his sister convinced he’s having a breakdown due to his mother’s death, Calvin is forced to search for answers on his own with a little help from the curious Brock who happens to love the unexplained.

Calvin scrambles to figure out why in the world he’s erased from everyone’s memory while looking for a way to impress his new-found crush Ashley Parker, who always finds a way to pop into his life. Trying his best to be normal, Calvin plans to win Ashley’s heart and make the most of his awful situation in his new life. All the while, Calvin, hopes to someday finally be remembered. $0.99 on Kindle.

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