Into The Dark

Into The Dark
Jordan’s world came crashing down the day she learned about the gruesome unsolved murders of her father and uncle. Still reeling from the recent loss mother to suicide and now her father’s grisly homicide, Jordan returns to her old hometown in upstate New York to see her family one last time. When she starts her own investigation into her father’s past, she quickly discovers a seedy past that has been hidden from her since she was a little girl.

Small towns hold a lot of secrets and the town Jordan left so long ago is no exception. The more she digs to find answers, the more those answers stalk her from the shadows…

Into the Dark is a suspenseful and deliciously dark psychological thriller and crime drama that features a complex main character who is looking for answers to her troubled past, while bringing light to past deeds that might be best left in the shadows. But the more Jordan sees, the deeper into the darkness she goes…and sometimes, it bites back. $0.99 on Kindle

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