The Big Book of Adulting Life Skills for Teens

While in the modern day the internet is flooded with tips on any subject you can ever dream of, it can quickly become overwhelming to try to find the right tips that you can trust. Even if your life is filled with trusted adults and older siblings who have the skills you need, it can be a hard task to decide who to get your advice from. With the help of this book, you can learn all the essentials you need and much more. Additionally, you’ll have a nice resource to refer to in case you feel li... [Read More...]

The Spectacular Life of Benito Martin Del Canto

Upon discovering that her handwritten novel (a gift from her father) may be an unpublished, autobiographical manuscript by Miguel Cervantes, an American schoolgirl and her Spanish teacher submit it to experts for analysis. Throughout the course of evaluating the novel, a fantasy life filled with dragons, natural phenomena, and unbelievable tales of accomplishment unfolds through the eyes of the author, and re-writes 16th century history. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Fire & Flight

There are those that tell stories about the legends of the Shadow Forest, of magical waters that reveal answers to your deepest questions, and of times long ago when ancient sorcerers wielded unnatural power. After the death of her family and the appearance of strange physical changes she cannot explain, seventeen-year-old Nyla begins to wonder if she might be cursed with magic herself. Without a home and longing for the family she’s lost, Nyla retreats into herself. But when her new plan for... [Read More...]

The Lost Years: Love

Sixteen-year-old Maleeka was taught from a young age that family was everything, but struggles to follow the rules imposed by her strict, Syrian father. Yearning to be seen and loved just as she is, Maleeka seeks solace in Marc, but is forbidden to see him. When forced to choose between her family and the guy she loves, what will Maleeka do? $1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

A Map of the Edge: Coming of Age in the Sixties

Amidst the psychedelic haze and sexual revolution of Southern California in the Sixties, a young soul navigates the edge of innocence and self-discovery. In the sun-soaked dream of 1960s Southern California, A Map of the Edge tells the poignant coming-of-age story of 15-year-old Rick, grappling with family secrets, heartache, and the treacherous underbelly of the counterculture. Abandoned by his mother and trapped in an abusive household, Rick uncovers the truth about his siblings’ parent... [Read More...]

Free: Soul Scepter: Time Marauders

Medieval Time Travel… Modern Militants… Young Love… “For anyone looking for a unique and intelligent adventure.” —Historical Fiction Company “A heck of a lot of fun.” —Readers’ Favorite Will Donovan’s life is turned upside down when he discovers his family’s connection to a mysterious scepter. As the son of an infamous terrorist, the 16-year-old grew up bullied, shamed, and yearning for a life away from a dark reputation. Meanwhile, people seeking... [Read More...]

The Manling

The boy’s adventure continues… Winter is coming and the boy’s clan needs him for hunting. Feeling secure in his relationship with Irene as his mate, the boy ventures forth. While braving the wilderness, he crosses paths with a rogue male sasquatch and they form a brotherly bond as they travel together. Life in the wilderness is unpredictable and things get complicated when a cryptozoologist and a magazine reporter stumble upon them. The two guys want to help the boy, not capture him. But ... [Read More...]

When Oceans Rise

Seventeen-year-old Malaya is cursed to fall for someone evil. Submerged in a toxic relationship, Malaya trades her voice to a sea witch. But when she timeshifts into her new existence, she discovers she shipped an alternate version of herself to her dangerous ex and the sea witch used her voice to unleash Filipino monsters. Can Malaya take back the power of her voice to save both worlds? $4.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Heir of Magic (The Kingdom War Book 1)

Whispers of magic, shadows of danger, fate teeters on a dagger’s edge. In a world of magic, a secret sect seeks to revive their evil queen whose anger and thirst for revenge could destroy the world. As kidnappings begin to occur, Keelan races to save the missing individuals. He uncovers a sinister pattern. Only those with magic are being taken, but to what end? In a distant kingdom, the Crown Princess disappears, and blame is laid on their neighboring nation, leading to the call for war. ... [Read More...]

The Teen Anxiety Survival Guide For Girls

Teen girls can learn how to use of simple techniques and effective methods to rid yourself of anxiety, improve your confidence, and live an overall more satisfying life. How to overcome stress and pressure governed by homework, school work, tests, exams, and overall performance anxiety. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]