Communication Skills Training: How to Talk to Anyone, Connect Effortlessly, Develop Charisma, and Become a People Person

Do you struggle with communicating your thoughts, feelings, and ideas? Have you ever been misunderstood and misinterpreted? Do you sometimes misunderstand or misinterpret the signals you are receiving? These situations indicate the inability to communicate appropriately, and it can prove to be detrimental in life and your career. You might be surprised at how many opportunities you could be missing out on. Likewise, a lot of relationships have been ruined because people do not know how to send ... [Read More...]

Hope. Promises. Joy. : Devotions for a Life of Positive Expectations

HOPE. PROMISES. JOY. is a 31-day inspirational devotional designed to help you know and share in the promises that are unchanging. In our world, it can be easy to feel as if hope and joy are evading our grasp and we can begin to worry about the things of this life that are constantly changing. Wherever there is unshakeable hope, there is the promise of a joyful future upon which we can build our lives. This devotional is aimed at helping you focus on the hope that is within you. For 31 days, ea... [Read More...]

The Power of Your Past & The True Calling of Your Soul!

How far are you willing to go to answer the true call of your soul? Are you willing to go back to your past to liberate your future? We are the sum of our experiences, and sometimes our pasts hold unhealthy power over our current lives. The Power of Your Past & the True Calling of Your Soul is an interactive guide to achieving a better life. Author Angelika Schulze takes us on a journey into understanding our pasts, that we may move forward in purpose. Through an in-depth exploration of fiv... [Read More...]

PROCRASTINATION WTF? Are you Wasting Time Frequently?

Are you Wasting Time Frequently? – Does your tendency to procrastinate dangerously prevent you from carrying out your most important projects? – Does your procrastination habit often freak you out without giving you a clue on how to do things differently or more efficiently? – Would you like to become a real achiever and turn your hidden potential into effective success? Whatever our life goals might be, we have to admit that some tasks that separate us from them look so arduo... [Read More...]

Ukulele for Beginners: A Beginners Guide and Songbook to Learn and Play Ukulele, Reading Different Chords Including Popular Songs

Playing the ukulele should bring you peace and joy. Do not make it into a job where you feel like you have to practice every day. Music is all about staying true to yourself and staying in love with the practice of it. I have made sure that you have all of the necessary material to get started and a few great diagrams to give you a clearer picture. $1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

CHOKE POINT: How to Bring Order to Life’s Chaos

This book is a fresh and unique approach to personal development. You will be shown how to take a military strategy, apply it to your life, and ultimately bring order to life’s chaos. Then you will be taught how to use “The LAW of Personal Development” to completely transform your life. $4.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

She Gets It Done

She Get’s It Done is a book that embodies some of the greatest secrets and techniques for time management that successful women have effectively used to transform their lives. This book instructs on how to maximize productivity, work smarter and free up more leisure time by delegating tasks. Time management allows us to do more of what we love. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Beginner’s Guide to Blogging

What if I could teach you some key skills and habits that could make your blog a true success financially? This book has step-by-step instructions on how to: * Setup your very own blog. * Find a good niche * Promote and market your blog While you may not see riches instantly from blogging, in time you can easily earn a decent living from it. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]