The Key House

A newly inherited house, a 150-year-old secret, and some mysterious, hidden clues. Join Caleb and David in this fast-paced Hardy Boys meets The Goonies, edge-of-your-seat adventure, as they seek a rumored treasure and clear their great-great-grandfather’s good name. After moving into a newly inherited house, the Noland kids discover clues to a supposed treasure hidden by their great-great-grandfather. But when town rumors and some spiteful neighbors suggest foul play was involved, Caleb a... [Read More...]

Free: A Feast for Pleasant Beasts

It’s not only bears that cherish a secret picnic… Every July beasts gather in the forest for a feast and plenty of fun, but if you wish to attend then you need to have marvellous manners. Whether you’re a troll, a yeti, cyclops, or pungent monster – it really doesn’t matter so long as you’re reasonably pleasant. But – surprise surprise – things don’t always go according to plan. From award-winning author and comedian JT Bird comes a delicious blend of Where the Wil... [Read More...]

Free: Exodus, The Passover Story

  Rhyming Bible stories One day, Pharaoh’s daughter bathed in the stream. Did she see a basket, or was it just a dream? No! She heard a baby, and it softly cried, so the Egyptian princess ran to look inside. “It’s a baby!” she told her maidens with surprise and fell in love with the baby who looked very wise. She took the baby; it was against her father’s law, but a baby couldn’t live in a basket made of straw. Read less Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Turtles Have Secret Ears

In this light-hearted picture book about turtles, learn about all the different types of sounds turtles can hear, and make. Kids love shouting answers to silly questions like “Can a turtle wear earrings?” Fun facts about every kid’s favorite amphibian! Excellent for teaching STEM topics about hearing, ears and sound. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Pizza Christmas Tree: A Children’s Holiday Story

Christmas magic and pizza for everyone! Have you ever wondered what would happen if you planted your favorite food? Imagine a crackling fire, a wreath hung on the door, and Christmas decorations galore. Two children, Nina and Miguel, are enjoying some yummy pizza with their parents. Later, while their parents sleep, the siblings plant two slices of leftover pizza in the backyard. What do you think will happen? A wonder occurs, as a pizza tree begins to grow. The magical tree glows, glimmers, an... [Read More...]