The Half-Known Life: What Matters Most When You’re Running Out of Time

“I’m going down now,” I said to a young woman a few seconds before the darkness-my first cardiac arrest. As I returned to work as a behavioral coach, it became maddening to hear about all-consuming, everyday problems and misguided priorities while I fought to merely remain conscious. The Half-Known Life challenges conventional thinking of success, identity, and personal change. Most often, truly profound change happens following events that shake someone to their core-a car ac... [Read More...]

Free: GROW YOUR AUTHORITY: Lead with Confidence

Imagine: Its just three months from now and you stride into each day with a calm, powerful energy that attracts others to you, rather than repels them. As a leader, youre back in the drivers seat steering towards a job that fulfills you and fully uses your wisdom and capabilities. Youre crafting a new professional chapter, one thats balanced, healthy, and ready for new challenges. In this book, Dorothy shows you her most effective strategies and techniques for mastering areas of self-doubt, fee... [Read More...]

Your Queer Career®: Workplace Advice from “The Gay Leadership Dude®

Navigating your career can be a challenge for any professional, but this is especially true for members of the LGBTQ+ Community. From having the courage to be your authentic self in the workplace to shaping your organizational culture to be more inclusive, sometimes balancing your “gay” job with your “day” job can be exhausting! Now there’s help from “The Gay Leadership Dude”, Dr. Steve Yacovelli. In Your Queer Career Dr. Steve draws from his almost 30 ... [Read More...]

Heal your Relationship with Money

Everyone has a money story beliefs about spending, saving, and the essence of money that shape our financial behaviors. Often unexamined, these narratives lead to cycles of spending, saving extremes, and guilt, impacting our financial and emotional well-being. “Heal Your Relationship with Money” offers a 28-day journey to explore and transform your financial beliefs, combining spiritual and practical advice to foster a healthy, empowering relationship with money. $4.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Corporate Kindergarten

A thought-provoking examination of corporate practices. Have you ever looked around at work and thought, What a whole lot of bullshit! I am sure you have many times. At least once a week. Every day! Unfortunately, that thought remains with you because nobody speaks up, so we continue the old ways of doing things, making us ineffective & disengaged. To mitigate our pain, HR acts as a decoy, luring us into believing that we are in a fun, progressive, and caring environment by giving us slides... [Read More...]

Free: Christianity 2.0

“Whether you’re a fervent believer seeking fresh perspectives or a skeptic eager to explore new horizons, Christianity 2.0 promises an illuminating experience that challenges the boundaries of spirituality.” American Writing Awards review While there have been many incredible advancements made in science and technology over the past century, few people are aware that there have also been amazing breakthroughs in the religious/spiritual realm as well. These breakthroughs repres... [Read More...]

The Best-Selling ChatGPT Author

This hands-on book shows you a proven 8-step process to writing and publishing a best-selling book using ChatGPT and other generative AI tools within 7 days. All the steps are explained in detail and illustrated with a practical case study + the copy & paste-prompts to apply this process for your own book idea. You also get an accompanying FREE 2 hour video training course that shows you the exact steps on-screen. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Servant Leadership Roadmap

Master the 12 Core Competencies of Management Success with Leadership Qualities and Interpersonal Skills! Feeling overwhelmed? Unsure where to begin leading your team? Invest in this roadmap to discover the simple steps to leadership success! Finally, a blueprint to discover employee engagement, razor-sharp focus, and game-changing leadership! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Complete ADHD Parenting Guide for Boys

The Complete ADHD Parenting Guide For Boys With 3 Exclusive Bonuses Inside! “Unlock the potential of boys with ADHD using ‘The Complete ADHD Parenting Guide for Boys’. Find expert advice, Scientific strategies, and inspiring stories to navigate the challenges and celebrate the joys of raising energetic, bright children. A must-have resource for fostering resilience and joy.” Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Art of Persuasion: Marketing ANYTHING in the Digital Age

Master the Modern Marketplace with Proven Persuasion Techniques In an era where every click is a potential customer won or lost, “The Art of Persuasion: Marketing ANYTHING in the Digital Age” emerges as the indispensable guide for entrepreneurs, marketers, and social media influencers. By blending psychological insight with cutting-edge digital strategies, this book provides a comprehensive roadmap for captivating your audience and turning them into loyal patrons. Imagine understand... [Read More...]